The Stallion Service Auction, SSA, is an auction that is organized during the Dutch championships “The Dutch Championship” that takes place annually in September or October each year. This auction is organized by the NQHA.

As NQHA, we are an official affiliate (representation) of the AQHA. The SSA (Stallion Service Auction) was created to promote the Quarter Horse and to support the studbook affiliate. As a breeder, this is an opportunity to obtain from your favorite Quarter Horse stallion for a smaller amount of money. For the stallion owner this is an opportunity to get extra attention for the stallion and to support the Dutch affiliate of the American studbook.

For the NQHA, the SSA auction is a way of promoting the Quarter Horse. Active, thoughtful breeding ensures fine horses that can be ridden and shown in the future. On our facebook page you can see the latest news about which Quarter Horses from the Netherlands get prizes at the shows.

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SSA regulations