The NQHA passport

Our association is a studbook recognized organization and therefore we can issue passports. We issue passports for, Quarters, Paints, and Appaloosas. It is best to apply for a passport before the horse is 6 months old. We have given the mandate to the NRPS for this.

How does it work?

Contact your passport consultant (vet) and make an appointment to have a chip placed.

After this has been done you will receive a document with the horse’s details. You will also receive a number of stickers with the chip number. (Attach this immediately to the paper)

Send along:

  • Chip document with chip number stickers.
  • A copy of the AQHA registration paper showing you as the owner.
  • Your NQHA / AQHA membership number.
  • Please clearly state your name, address, zip code and city and telephone number.

After we have received all the papers, you will receive an invoice from the NRPS. That must be paid in advance. When they have received the money from you, they will send the passport.



Application for a new Passport:
For NQHA members: € 48,25 – Non members: € 66,00

Transferring or changing your Passport:
For NQHA members: € 27,50 – Non members: € 35,82

Copy of Passport:
For NQHA members: € 194,50 – Non members: € 194,50

Follow-up passport (when the pages of vaccinations are full):
For NQHA members € 50,75 – Non members € 53,97

Signed and sent: € 9,05 (you must pay this at all times)

Chipping foal:
For NQHA members: € 28,79 – Non members: € 41,95

Lost passport

Passports not bearing the “medical treatment” page must be replaced by a new passport.

Have you lost your passport? Then you need to apply for a duplicate passport. Then we need a fully completed application form together with a statement from the veterinarian stating the chip number as well as the sex, (estimated) age, color and markings. If the passport has been stolen, we would also like to receive a copy of the official report. The studbook office will always contact the last known owner and ask if a duplicate passport may be issued. When everything is in order, after the invoice has been paid, you will receive the horse passport with a statement “duplicate”.

If you want to ask the NRPS a question about a passport, you can contact them: 0577 40 11 50.
(available by phone Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm)

You can of course also send an email to the NQHA

Find out more about the horse passport

To apply for, changes or request a copy of your passport, please send this information to:
Oude Arnhemseweg 103
6741 EG Lunteren

Chipping your horse:

  • All horses, ponies and donkeys in the European Union born after July 1, 2009 must be provided with a transponder: a chip that is inserted into the neck of the animal. The horse is unambiguously linked to the passport via the transponder. Does your horse not have a transponder and / or passport? Then as a horse owner you are in violation.
  • The European regulation of 2009 stipulates that a horse passport is only valid with a chapter “medical treatment”. In the passports issued from 2004, this is stated on page 27 (older passports) or page 26 (new passports). Before that time passports often have an insert “medical treatment” added. Such an insert is officially registered and therefore legally valid.
  • Horses and ponies may only be microchipped by recognized passport consultants and veterinarians. However, veterinarians only charge for the chip, followed by the costs for the passport.

The most important rules shortly:

  • It is forbidden to keep a horse of 6 months or older without a passport and chip.
  • Never buy a horse without a passport and registration certificate from the studbook such as AQHA, APHA and ApHC)
  • You can only participate in competitions and inspections with a valid passport.
  • A horse may not be transported, slaughtered or exported without a passport.
  • The horse passport is not a proof of ownership.
  • Never make changes to the passport yourself, as this will render it invalid.
  • The passport is a unique value document, do not lose it, because it costs money and a duplicate is only issued in exceptional cases.
  • The passport is mandatory for all solipeds (horses, ponies, donkeys, zebras and crosses thereof)