Futurity / Maturity

Futurity / Maturity

The Futurity is a competition for offspring which the stallions are paid in and is usually held during the Dutch Championship Quarter Horses. The Futurity classes are for horses up to 4 years old and the Maturity classes are for 5 and 6 year old horses. The Stallion Service Auction also takes place during these championships.

The following classes will be held:

• Weanling Halter (Futurity, stallion & mare)
• Yearling Halter (Futurity, stallion, gelding & mare)
• Two year old Halter (Futurity, stallion, gelding & mare)
• Three year old Halter (Futurity, stallion, gelding & mare)
• Longe line (Futurity, 2-3 jarigen)
• In hand trail (Futurity, 2-3 jarigen)
• Western Pleasure (Futurity, 4-5 jarigen) en Western Pleasure (Maturity, 6-7 jarigen)
• Hunter under Saddle (Futurity, 4-5 jarigen) en Hunter under Saddle (Maturity, 6-7 jarigen)
• Trail (Futurity, 4-5 jarigen) en Trail (Maturity, 6-7 jarigen)
• Ranch riding (Futurity, 4-5 Jarigen en Ranch riding (maturity, 6-7 jarigen)
• Ranch trail (Futurity, 4-5 Jarigen en Ranch trail (maturity, 6-7 jarigen)
• Reining (Futurity, 4-5 Jarigen en Reining (maturity, 6-7 jarigen)

The participating offspring must be registered with the AQHA. The sire of these offspring must be paid for the that Futurity year. It is possible that a stallion has not been paid in for a certain year. Offspring born two years later are there fore not entitled to start, even if this applies to offspring from following or previous years.

Funds generated by the SSA are administered by the NQHA. Payment of these funds takes place during the Futurity. The net amount obtained by the SSA, after deduction of expenses, is paid 75% in the Futurity, plus the starting fees. The amount then obtained is divided among the winners according to a distribution key. The prize money will never be lower than the starting money. The entry fee for participation in the Futurity will be announced on the registration forms.