Stallion Service Auction

SSA is short for Stallion Service Auction. This is an auction of breedings that is organized by the NQHA in the fall of each year.

Part of the AQHA mission statement is to promote the American Quarter Horse. The NQHA is an official affiliate (local representative) of the AQHA and therefore, promoting the Quarter Horse is an important part of our job. With the SSA we want to promote breeding and showing young Quarter Horses among our members. The SSA allows the breeder to purchase a breeding for a smaller amount of money. Additionally, the offspring of SSA stallions is eligible for the NQHA futurity and maturity program Futurity & Maturity. For the owner of the stallion the SSA is a chance to showcase the stallion to the NQHA members and followers. In addition, it will allow the offspring to compete at the futurity and maturity. This is how the SSA contributes to the mission of the NQHA to promote the American Quarter Horse.


Pro-active and conscious breeding will result in good horses that can be ridden and shown in the future. The NQHA Facebook page will keep you up to date of the latest news and show you which Dutch Quarter Horses are performing well in the show pen. The NQHA will happily answer your questions about breeding, so do not hesitate to contact us.


Each year, the SSA composes a preliminary list of stallions that are paid in and members can buy the breedings of these stallions at the auction. As soon as the stallions are announced, it is possible to bring out a bid. The bidding will end on a set date in the fall. On that date, the breeding will be sold to the highest bidder. The buyer then pays the amount offered (+ SSA fee) to the SSA and will receive a breeding in the next breeding season. After the auction, it will be possible to purchase unsold breedings for the starting bid (+ higher SSA fee) until the 1st of April the next year.
When the SSA breeding is sold, the stallion will be listed on the final list of stallions that are paid in for that year. Their offspring can then be nominated for the futurity and maturity. The stallion owner and the person buying the breeding will both receive a free ticket for 1 class at the futurity (read more on the page Futurity & Maturity).


A stallion needs to be paid in into the SSA every year for their offspring to be eligible. In the link below you will find an overview of the stallions that have been paid in through the NQHA SSA and for which years this is the case.

The stallions on the preliminary list will be promoted with an album on our facebook page NQHA Stallion Service Auction. Like and follow this page to stay up to date of the latest news. An overview of the available stallions will also be available in the link below. In this file, we have also listed practical information for the auction.

If you are considering to enter your stallion or want to buy a breeding, we advise you to read the full set of rules and regulations:

In case you have questions, please contact us at