The NQHA youth team is a group of youth riders between the ages of 9 and 18. On regular bases there will be training sesions. The NQHA youth team is intended as the widest possible and versatile training, for youthful western riders.

The NQHA youth team is therefore expected to ride all-round western. This means that they train multiple parts and also compete in them. All NQHA / AQHA competitions in the Netherlands must be ridden. You will receive a discount on your starting money. If you are unable to participate in on a show, please contact your coach to discuss this.

Becides these youth training sessions, you will also train with your own trainer. The NQHA trainer can contact your own trainer, to keep them up to dat.

There wil be extensive attention to training each part and how to apply this in a competition. But also how to show, your clothes and how to groom your horse.

The team is really a team, so cooperation between the children, trainers, coach and parents is another important part of the training. There are two major competitions for which the youth team trains and for which the members can be selected. This is one year the Youth World Cup (worldwide) and the other year the Eurocup Youth (Europe).

The Eurocup is intended so that the children come with their own (or borrowed) Quarter. They compete for individual placements as well as for the country. At the world show you will show privded horser. A draw will take place to obtain the horses. Afther the draw the riders have 2 days to get to know the horses and will use these horses during the competition.